With some care and attention your HB Sensory product can last for many years:

  • Do not wring or twist your to dry. Ideally hang up and allow to drip dry naturally. Do not tumble dry.
  • Hand wash in cold water using a mild soap and then rinse out thoroughly in fresh clean water. If you prefer to machine wash then keep the temperature as cool as possible, to a maximum of 40 degrees C.
  • Most brightly coloured fabrics will fade if left out for long periods of time in intense sunlight. This is normal. This effect can be reduced by hanging in the shade to dry.
  • It is possible that bright colours might bleed a little when first washed. This is normal and will stop very quickly. It is therefore important to wash separately for the first few washes to avoid any colour transfer.
  • Never iron, bleach, tumble dry, wash with whites or sit on any abrasive or sharp objects.