How to Complete the Payment of an Order?

If you experienced problems entering your payment (i.e. your web browser froze at the critical moment) you do not need to place a new order as we will have all the details on our system.

 Please contact us to let us know you have had a problem with your payment and let us know which of the following payment methods you would like to use.

1) We can send you a PayPal payment request.  You can pay for this with your PayPal account or using all major credit or debit cards.

2) We can send you our bank details and you can send us the payment direct.  This is only available for GBP Pounds Sterling payments.

Problems with PayPal

We very rarely experience payment problems with PayPal.  The main issue we have is that PayPal will not accept payments originating from certain countries.  If this occurs please contact us and we will send you our PayPal account details, so you can send a manual payment.  Alternatively we can send you a PayPal payment request.